Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

Covid Guidelines

Event Details

Pre-Round Procedures:

    • Players are asked to report to the first tee no sooner than 10 minutes before their scheduled tee-time.
    • The GLJGT will not provide materials to players (except for scorecards) so players are reminded to PLEASE BRING ALL NECESSARY MATERIALS INCLUDING PENCILS, SHARPIES, TEES and any other materials they deem needed for their round.
    • PLAYERS ARE ASKED TO OBSERVE SOCIAL DISTANCING AT ALL TIMES which includes avoiding pre-round handshakes, hugs, fist bumps



In-Round Procedures:

    • The pins shall remain in the holes at all times, players should avoid what some consider basic etiquette, i.e., tending flagsticks, throwing ball back to player after making putt, grabbing a left club.
    • There will not be rakes in the bunkers and the bunkers will be “PLAY IT AS IT LIES.” However, if a ball comes to rest in a footprint or previous player’s divot, the player may lift and place the ball at the nearest relief position, no closer to the hole and not leaving the bunker. Players are encouraged to do their best to smooth divots or deep footprints with their clubs or shoes.
    • We will follow the 2019 revised rules for out of bounds procedure. When a ball is hit out of bounds, or is deemed lost in an ungroomed area of the course (that is not a penalty area), the player, under penalty of 2 strokes, may drop his or her ball two club lengths onto the fairway equidistant from where it is deemed that the original ball came to rest, no closer to the hole. Example, a player hits out of bounds on the right of hole number one, the will then drop their ball two club lengths onto the fairway at a distance that is equal to where they, and their group, agree that their original ball came to rest. Their next shot then would be their fourth.
    • Players will receive a fellow member’s scorecard at the first tee. PLAYERS SHOULD COMMUNICATE AND FILL IN SCORING AFTER EACH HOLE not only for the person they are scoring but also for themselves. THIS IS YOUR GREATEST RESPONSIBILITY AS A GOLFER.
    • Player’s should always be paying attention to their fellow competitors.
    • If there is doubt as to proper procedure, players should complete the hole playing two balls, announcing which ball they intend to count. At the conclusion of their round, the rules committee will address any rules questions and determine the proper procedure.
    • The DOUBLE PAR PLUS ONE rule will be in effect. On any given hole, the player should cease playing the hole if they have reached double par, plus one stroke. Par 3: 7 strokes, Par 4: 9 strokes, Par 5: 11 strokes. They should continue to an active member of the group as they have a responsibility to record the score of the player they are marking.


Post-Round Procedures:

    • Again, please maximize social distancing. There will be no scoreboard area until we are given the green light to do so. Please do not shake hands, fist bump, or hug at the end of your round.
    • There will be a designated scoring area where Jay or Bruce will be recording scores for two players at a time, with proper distancing. WE WILL NOT COLLECT CARDS for the foreseeable future. Submitted scores are final.
    • Players should not wait around to see how their friends finish. Scoring should be updating regularly at
    • Age group award winners will receive their awards at the next event in which they participate. Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards will once again be distributed electronically.